Temple of the Offerings

Temple of the Offerings

Portal to
Temple Front Plaza of Serpentis
Corridor of the Running Boy

Treasure Chests:
Sealed Chest S1:
Guarded by Level 127-128 NM “Ultimate Predator”
(Dagger) Killing Augurio
Dex +20, AGI +15, Dodge +20, Crit Change +4%

(Dagger) Interrupt Augurio
Dex +20, AGI +15, Dodge +20, Crit Change +7%
DPS 330, Damage 275, Speed 50

Chest 1
(Ores) Stream Stone x5

Chest 2
(Scimitar) Valiant Slicer

Chest 3
(Ores) Windy Flower Stone x5

Level 93-95 Skeleton Spy
Level 100-102 Chaos Dead
Level 95-98 Powered Skeleton
Level 97-99 Temple Skeleton
Level 98-99 Doom Priest
Level 90-92 Onyx Killer
Level 86 Yellow Pulse
Level 93 Goblin Sniper
Level 101 NM Genius Goblin

Hollow Mission:
Clever Goblin

Acquired Hollow Pts 10
Acquired Area Pts 10
Acquired COL: 1000

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