Starving Orcs’ Colisium

Starving Orcs' Coliseum

Portal to:
Verdant Street of the Offering

Level 84-95 Orc Crusher
Level 115-117 Punish Wrath Bull
Level 85 High Power Boar
Level 92 Orc Superior
Level 82 Yellow Pulse

Hollow Mission:
Finding the Orc’s Shrine
Simply head to the bottom right of the map to reach the shrine.

Acquired Hollow Pts: 50
Acquired Area Pts: 10
Acquired COL: 5000

Report Shrine Location:
Head towards the south western exit to complete the hollow quest.

Acquired Hollow Pts: 150
Acquired Area Pts: 10
Acquired COL: 20000

Treasure Chest:

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