Basic Controls

Field Controls
Left Stick: Move Character
Right Stick: Move Camera
Directional Button: Menu controls
Left Button / Right button: Change Target
L Button: Reset Camera (Town) L Palette (Field)
R Button: Call (Town) R Palette (Field)
O Button: Confirm/Dialogue/Start battle
X Button: Cancel/Sit (Town)
Triangle Button: Display cursor/ Range attack (Field)
Rectangle Button: Side Menu
Start Button: Main menu
Select Button: Side Menu

Battle Controls
Left Stick: Move Character
Right Stick: Move camera
Directional Buttons: Menu controls (Palette Mode/Side Menu)
Up Button: Good! (In a party)
Down Button: Switch Command
Left Button / right button: Change target
L button (Hold) / R button (Hold): Display L/R palette- use the skills that are assigned to the palette. Press directional buttons to call (give orders) Example: Press the O button while holding L button to activate the O button function assigned to the L palette
O Button/X Button/ Triangle Button/Rectangle Button: Use basic skills
START button: Main menu
SELECT button: Side menu

Side Menu
Event List: Confirm current events
Palette Mode: Set skill palette
Preset Text Messages: Send out a generic message
Emotes: Perform action to convey a feeling
Buffs: Confirm party buff effect
Battle Log: Record combat related actions On/Off
Switch POV: Switch between subjective and objective points of view
OSS List: Only triggers when a certain requirement has been met


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