Last Attack Bonus Boss Drops

Below is a complete list of the different boss drops that you can get from Aincrad floors. You can get the bonus loots when you deal the last attack on the boss.

 Floor 76Duel Gloves
 Floor 77Seeker Plate
 Floor 78Cross Jacket
 Floor 79Duel Greaves
 Floor 80Cross Boots
 Floor 81Duel Vest
 Floor 82Mine Cloth
 Floor 83Chaos Greaves
 Floor 84Undergarment
 Floor 85Chaos Arm
 Floor 86Elven Cloth
 Floor 87Chaos Armor
 Floor 88Dark Repulser
 Floor 89Elucidator
 Floor 90Graceful Light
 Floor 91Finster Glanz
 Floor 92Valkyrie Mail
 Floor 93Order Arm
 Floor 94Shadow Eater Boots
 Floor 95Order Boots
 Floor 96Shadow Eater
 Floor 97Order Cloth
 Floor 98Fatal Cloth
 Floor 99Sleipnir Ring


Last Attack Bonus Boss Drops — 5 Comments

  1. I got something called the Undercover Agent Coat for the Floor 84 Boss LA Bonus. It’s basically just an upgraded version of Kirito’s Black Coat.

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