How to Unlock Costumes | Hollow Fragment

In this section, we will go over how to get different costumes for the heroines in the game.

Costume Basic
The different costumes for the different girls are unlocked through praising specific battle commands. Some girls have 3 costumes and some have 4. More costumes are added with DLC’s and updates. For the characters with four costumes, the fourth one are unlocked after the original three colors are unlocked.

When you are training to get certain color costumes, always focus on that specific color. The reason is that the stats for other colors decrease when you praise for a certain type.

For example, getting a red stat will decrease the affinity for both Green and Blue.

Girls and Their Costumes
3 costumes are available for Strea and Philia.
4 for the rest of the girls.

To unlock the 4th additional costume, unlock the 3 default costumes first. Once you do, the fourth additional costume is automatically unlocked.

Costume and Color Type
Red: Attack
Green: Buff / Heal
Blue: Defense

Default Character Battle Pattern
Different characters have their default battle pattern, this means that they are likely to perform certain actions on their own.

Asuna: Defense
Leafa: Buff
Strea: Balanced
Philia: Balanced

How to Train
The outfit unlocks when 2 bars are maxed in each specific category.

Click praise after you see “ATK Action, Def Action, or Buff Action”. The costume point will only advance when you praise during those time. It should be noted that friendship or mood level does not help with costume unlock.

ATK: Favorite Attack Support.
1. When you are targeted, perform switch. Praise after success.
2. After you perform the cooperation attack. Praise after success.

DEF: Favorite Defense Support.
1. After asking “Target Please”. Praise after Def action pops up.
2. After asking “Guard”. Praise after Def action apperas.

BUF: Favorite Interfere Support.
1. After heal or buff and Buf Action appears, praise.
2. After asking “Stop” and successfully stun the enemy, praise after the BUF action button appears.

Sword skills can also be praises whenever you see any of the three types of Action button that appears.

Other Tips
1. Start with Buff First
The Buff type is usually the hardest to train. Simply because it’s harder to get your teammates to heal you. If you are having with having your teammate executing heal skills, consider using agile flare which adds SP and bleed status.

2. Multiplayer Grinding
With multiplayer mode, if any monsters kills you, you get asked if you want to go back to the Control Room which can save you the hassle of losing grinding progress.

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