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The OSS System stands for Original Sword Skill in Hollow Fragment. In this guide, we will discuss some strategies and basic for the OSS system.

Note: In patch 1.05, the damage of OSS is buffed.

How to Unlock OSS System Quickly
The Stun from the square key also counts as a sword skill. Pick a monster with the ability to cancel your skills, spam stun against those mobs to quickly satisfy the requirement.

OSS System Uses
You can link any sword skills on the battle field while the timing is active. The activation timing is shown when you glow in purple. When you deal the OSS combo, you cancel out the CD between each skills, this means that you can use sword skills fast without any delay.

As long as you have enough SP, you can connect the sword skills to the maximum OSS cap allowed. The sword skills cannot be used back to back, however you can reuse the same skill within a chain. For example, you can do ABA, but not AA.

After you implement or record save the chains in the OSS console, you have a bigger OSS activation gap where you can chain the skills.

Recording OSS
Access the menu through the console. It should be noted that you cannot access the menu in multi. You can only record 1 OSS chain per weapon. After a successful record, you are allowed to cast the OSS skill chain slightly off timing in the real battle.

Unlocking Subsequent OSS chains
The key is to having enough SP when you want to unlock later chains. We recommend you to equip SP gears. If you want to have more OSS chains, you will have to fulfill all the requirements under the OSS branch.

OSS System Cap
The OSS system is capped at 12 chains.


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